Taking The Pish

Heather Frost - mother of 11

There are two women who are making the news this week in the UK. One is Heather Frost and the other is Kate Middleton. Heather Frost, mother of 11, is in the news because the local council are building her a new home because she said she needed more room so her children could have a better standard of life. The accommodation she has now is not good enough (two houses knocked into one), so the council said OK we will build you a eco-friendly house. Heather Frost has made it quite clear that if it not up to scratch then she will demand a better house!

Kate Middleton or Duchess of Cambridgeshire as she is known is in the news because author and Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel, said she has no personality and Kate Middleton’s only purpose is to breed children. This is quite true as Kate Middleton would not be in line to be queen if she was barren. There is no way the monarchy would allow her and her husband Prince William to adopt a baby from Africa or China, if she was barren, and, so she had to have been tested to see if she could bear children before she was married.

So clearly there is no difference between Heather Frost or Kate Middleton as both get benefits for breeding. The only difference is that one has started quite early (Heather Frost had her first child when she was 14 years old). You cannot say that Heather Frost is not a bright woman as there are many families in the UK with 11 or more children yet non of them are getting a eco-friendly house being built especially for them – as far as I know. Kate Middleton is also bright as she managed to tie up a future king and the competition must have been strong, there are lots of women around the world (especially in the European monarchy circles) who would like to be a queen.

So in the end both are wedded to the state and both have tax payers funds in their purse as they cannot go out and earn a living that will maintain their lifestyle. Why is Heather Frost being seen as a sponger and not a role model is down to the old class struggle that always rages in the UK. The reason there was a welfare state was that previous generations who fought for this country wanted to make sure that no citizen, no matter their situation would go un-clothed, un-housed and un-fed. This was the price to pay to keep the Germans or the Russians from taking over this country and to keep the monarchy and its institutions such as the House of Lords in place.  The fact that people especially from the conservative wing are complaining about Heather Frost but not Kate Middleton are an example of this.

The view I present maybe a bit different from the normal view, but how else can you support both concepts? Both seem to be wrong yet both are happening and those that are really struggling are wondering why?