Women And Online Poker

Poker Totty Danielle A-B the card player

Poker Totty Danielle A-B the card player

Once again online poker is seen as the ruination of women and the further continuation of the fall of civilisation. In a report written by Liz Karter, who is apparently the UK’s most eminent addiction specialist, said that women are becoming more addicted to online gambling specifically poker than drink!

The report gives reason for this as women do not like hangovers and other associated side effects that they do not get with online poker. OK it is a reasoned argument that since the National Lottery became ubiquitous that women are likely to have a flutter but I would argue it is more online bingo than poker which has got the women hooked.

I find it very hard to see how online poker is the cause but I can easily believe that online bingo and casino which seems to be clearly marketed to women would be more addictive. With online bingo you basically place your money and wait to see if your ticket gets pulled out. It is no more that a raffle. 

The adverts on TV are heavily aimed at women. Whereas online poker is heavily aimed at men. In online poker there is a heavy skill biased process, unlike online bingo and as with anything you have to follow the money. Now if online bingo was not aimed primarily at women there would not be names such as Foxy Bingo or Cheeky Bingo or even one called Maria. These are not aimed at men. 

So Liz Karter maybe right that online gambling in the form of online bingo is becoming a choose of addiction for women but it is not online poker and the distinction should be more clearly marked. In fact if women do need to have a way of escaping the rigours of work, home life, relationship nurturing and family raising I would argue that online poker would be a better bet than online bingo which I have stated above no more engaging than raffles. 

What would be good for a lot of recreational online poker players would be anonymous poker where the chance of being manipulated by bots and other nefarious machines would be minimise and lead to recreational players more chances of getting lucky.

In fact I would go further and say that poker rooms that assigned random names to players so that the machines do  not get a handle on the players and build a database on their patterns of playing would be a good idea. OK after a while some bright spark may develop a bot which could take into account random online players name and associate them with actual players, but, it would take time to do. In the meantime online poker players both men and women would have a chance to play without being squeezed like a orange by these awful bots.