Rejoice, Rejoice!

Margaret Thatcher

This is going to be one funny memorial/wake as there will be 50% of the people mourning the death of Margaret Thatcher and another 50% who will be indifferent or even down right disrespectful to her passing away.

To say that you either loved or hated Mrs T is so raw an emotion that many people have fallen out with family and friends over her. As recent as a couple a months ago a comedian who ran in a bye-election  was pilloried for jokingly expressing that he wished that Baroness Thatcher had died in the IRA Brighton Bombing.

The reason why there is so much ill will and ardent support was that she made decisions which benefited some but not all   of the people. The people that made money on the whole liked her and those that didn’t or saw victims of her social engineering were not happy at all, hence the polarised views of Margaret Thatcher.

Here are some videos of the more interesting way of commemorating Margaret Thatcher’s passing away.

‘Margaret Thatcher’s Dead. Lol’ Cinema sign change as it happened

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Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead : Britain Celebrates Thatcher’s death

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Leeds Street Party Following Margaret Thatcher’s Death

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