Casino Relationship

Casino Royale Ursula Andress

Casino Royale Ursula Andress

The last few days have been a whirl of death parties, funerals and BitCoin. So I needed to go out and do something senseless and I went to a casino with some friends to lose some money.

Since I pride myself on knowing the maths of most casino games, I was well prepared to lose some cash on betting and drinking. We got to the casino which looked a bit shabby and headed to the bar. The price of the drink was reasonable so we got a nice lining in the stomach and then targeted the roulette table with the fittest croupier.

Up and down went my chips until I had 29 black come up twice followed by 1 red coming up twice. I trebled my original stake and thought nice one and its time to quit and concentrate on drinking with the profit. However, the croupier was really fit and my eyes could not leave her rather alluring figure. 

The temptation to go back to the table was getting more and more tempting with ever double whiskey. Luckily enough the urge subsided when the croupier was replaced by a guy and the angel of the roulette table went to the backroom. Phew!

The rest of the lads had a bad night so luckily I had the money to buy the drinks while the boys contemplated chasing losses or calling it quits. It didn’t take long for them to come back gaining some if not all of their money back, which was a result since my bar bill was eating into my profits and I wanted one last go before leaving.

All of a sudden the ‘angel of the roulette table’ came back! She must have been on a toilet break or something. I still had double my stake and I then made the decision to try a little tickle on zero and black. 3 spins, 3 black then zero. Yes!

Thank you ‘Angel’ you are now my favourite person in the world now I need a way of asking for a date with the lucky croupier. The pit boss guy was all over us like a rash so it was not the right time, but guess what I will be back.