The Problem At Everleaf Gaming

Everleaf Gaming

Everleaf Gaming

Another day, another problem. It seems that Everleaf Gaming is in serious trouble. They are having delays in paying out monies to customers and affiliates. In fact one skin Meteor Poker has gone as far as putting a notice up telling it customers where the trouble lay if they are having problems getting their money out.

Meteor Poker

Meteor Poker having issues with Everleaf Gaming

 This is just another of those issue that plague online poker. I suppose that the ultimate capitalist expression which has always been inhabited by rogues, hustlers and chiselers since it’s inception will always be on a edge. 

Apparently the Maltese gaming authority are investigating the issues but already they are having grief because they said most of the complaints came from ‘non-genuine players’. This is an interesting term of phrase. It seems that if you are having problems taking your own legitimate money away from a poker organisation there is a difference if you are a player or a player who is an affiliate, or even if you are just an affiliate! 

There should be equality of status between the customers/stakeholder and the organisation. Therefore, if the complaint is about withdrawing cash and there is no issues about where the cash came from, then there should not be an issue about the cash final destination. 

Clearly The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta will need to get its self sorted out and sorted pretty quickly. Creating smoke screens about the origin of complaints is not good for the commissions reputation. Obviously there is a problem with Everleaf Gaming and for all the players and affiliates involved the authorities need to do the right thing.