Space ‘The Opium’ Of Online Poker

Chris Hadfield nasa

Chris Hadfield

As you may or may not know, I love watching NASA television while playing online poker. In fact I will check out anything to do with space to keep me fresh and interested while grinding away on a poker site to stop me getting a rush of blood to the head and doing something stupid. 

Doing something stupid comes easily to me as I do have a low threshold level especially when I am losing. I have been known to turn from insanely tight to completely ‘loosey goosey’ in a second because something annoyed me or I got seriously bored. With the opium of online TV such as NASA it can calm me down and get me into a positive frame of mind when sports trading or playing poker.

The only problem I do get is when Chris Hadfield does his ‘Village People Reject’ routine and starts singing in that weird voice of his. It is all good fun and I would rather have him than some dullard with all the charisma of a cod fillet. 

Chris Hadfield is coming back to Earth today and it will be funny to see if his David Bowie song ‘Space Oddity’ does really well in the charts now that he can do some real gigs and personal appearance. Maybe he could be backed by The Village People as he does not look out of place one little bit. Obviously his role would be astronaut and this could be a major move in making space exploration more popular and funny and he has the moustache already.

Space Oddity

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Village People- “Macho Man” (Merv Griffin Show 1979)

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