Shame, About Shameless.

David Threlfall

The ‘house TV program’ for wasters, degenerates, reprobates and knaves finished its final edition forever! If you believe that they will never do another program, then you’re no capitalist or a person that understand capitalism. Within 10 years some bright spark will want to do a special edition to squeeze some juice from the fans and the curious.

The reason will be for ”sentimental” reasons but the truth is that they want to have a easy earner and Shameless will do this because it celebrated laughing at poor people trying to live a life. Obviously the program general story is not ‘true’ ,it isn’t a documentary. The truth is the cynical exploitation that happens within communities and groups like these. 

Not all those who live in communities like these would be foolish enough to pay Jeremy Kyle and his investors to appear on his ‘lets exploit the idiot class’ TV program Jeremy Kyle Show. While Shameless is trying to show people trying to aim for the stars, The Jeremy Kyle Show is about showing the idiot class as morality tv of the base kind. It is amazing that these numpties, who appear on these programs, pay by ringing a premium TV line to tell their story on the program to be laughed at for being thick as sh*t!

Shameless did lose the plot a few series ago when aliens were involved, but it did start to get back on track when it attempted humour on topical stories like militant Muslims, The Olympics etc. 

But the shame for Shameless was that it never said no to cocaine.