Cocaine, Pay Day Loans And FOBT’s

Frankie Dettori - coke head

Frankie Dettori

Time for me to get on my high horse and pontificate about the potential fall of Western civilisation! If Western civilisation falls it wont be down to deluded nutcases who follow the dead Osama bin Laden and his imaginative 21st Century death cult. It wont be climate change due to human existence. It wont definitely be down to single mothers and the proposed viagra for women. It will be down to cocaine, pay day loans and the exploitation of the gullible via fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT).

As Frankie Dettori finishes his ban for coke use, it is clear that sticking white powder up your nose is still popular amongst people of a certain age who think it is the height of sophistication to have your mind altered, so that you act as a obnoxious fool. Cocaine turns people into cunts! The nicest person you know will become a raging imbecile once they start hoovering up cocaine cut with talcum powder with their noses. In fact the dealers to serve up cocaine will cut it with anything and still the buyers insist on parting good cash so that they can brag to their mates that they have more money than sense.

Cocaine is such an expensive way to look like and act like an idiot. yes it can help you with your inhibitions but there is usually a good reason why you suppress your stupid side and letting cocaine help you get it out is not the most sensible thing to do in company, but still they line up outside the toilet cubicle to ingest powder measured in grams and the waste of human beings in that are either producing it or using it. 

The second most dangerous entity that will destroy human society is legalised loan sharks dressed up as legitimate financiers under the guise of friendly pay day loans. Pay day loans prove the point that some people are so thick that they will splash out on a whim that will see them turn into bankers bitches. The only people who earn out of this is the ‘investors’ who allow these leeches to pray on the silly, the illiterate and the desperate. The fact that food banks and pay day loans seem to be the only industry growing rapidly is a damnation of our society. This will lead to a backlash, it has to lead to a backlash because paying 4000% interest in a year is beyond a joke and governments must stamp out this pernicious practice.

Which brings me finally to the third angel of oppression fobts. These machines of poverty must have seemed like a great idea at the time, relieve the gambling poor of their cash and get them to turn into suicide wrecks! What good go wrong with this concept? Well it is leading to families going penniless and mostly young men becoming addicted to flashing lights and chucking money to the owners of fixed odd betting terminals. As a libertarian I should be quite pleased that rampant exploitation is going on unchecked. But, sadly I find the whole scam and it is a scam depressing and infuriating.  

So if you want the complete breakdown of society keep on doing what is being done and enjoy the short term profit that it brings because sooner or later people will wise up and when they do all hell will break loose.

Five years after the monumental disaster of Lehman’s Day in which governments all over the World socialised the losses of private businesses who never paid their full rate of taxes and are still not paying their full rate of taxes, still push forth the idea that those who do not have power will have to take it. This have always been the belief of every freedom fighter from Spartacus to Ghandi but with better education and the implosion of radical religion which claim that Gods love mean you must kill loads of non-believers, it is becoming a noise which must be heard. With Communism becoming fashionable again, but this time without the labour camps and the nationalism, hopefully, we can get social democracy that works for everyone and not the few elites. 

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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