Don’t Feel Sorry For A Sore Loser

John Boehner Crying

John Boehner Crying

When playing poker feeling sorry for another player is a recipe for disaster. The aim of poker is to take chips/money from other people so feeling sorry for another player is breaking all the rules. This may seem a heartless thing to do but if the boot was on the other foot they would take all your chips/money and then laugh at you for being such a mug.

I made this mistake recently and then got knocked out of a tournament for my troubles…by the same guy I helped. That will teach me to be generous on the poker tables. Although being altruistic in life is quite a good thing as it enables karma. The reason why I did it was that I witness the same player some time ago literally break down when he was knocked out of a tournament and it was not nice to see a grown man completely broken over a poker tournament so I decided to be nice and I got stuffed by the cry baby.

As you can imagine I am feeling relentlessly blue and I really do feel like doing a ‘John Boehner’ and start crying in public, therefore it is time for some real blues music and here is Robert Johnson doing what he did best and changed the whole of music forever.

Robert Johnson – The Complete Recordings (Full Album)

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