Don’t Make Poker Enemies When You Don’t Need Too

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Some people go out of their way to be nasty and disagreeable. However, when playing poker it is best to be more than agreeable so that you can hopefully get away with a half-hearted or even a semi bluff when things go bad. Obviously that strategy can back fire but I have found especially when the you’re on a down swing to try and keep a low profile in the sense of being over aggressive when things are not going your way.

To illustrate what I am saying, lets take Adolf Hitler.  OK, when anyone use Adolf Hitler to illustrate an argument usually mean that the person using Hitler is in trouble, but, in this case you will see what I am saying makes sense. 

Hitler could have got away with taking over France, Poland and most of the Balkans. The USA on the whole did not want to get involved in another European argument, the USSR had decimated most of their top brass, Japan was kicking ass in Asia and Britain had just managed to get away with a large percentage of their troops tired and not keen in having a another battle with Germany. In fact there was a active movement in the British parliament that wanted a peace meeting with Germany.

Hitler on the other hand had got completely full of himself and decided to ”have it all”! Now there is nothing wrong in having it all but you’ve got to know your strength and history. By declaring war on the USA after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and trying to out do Napoleon by steaming into the USSR during winter was not the best thing to do and subsequently he got smashed and smashed good.

The same applies to poker. If you are in dire trouble with your chips do not go out of your way to pick a fight! Try and nick chips of lesser players until you can make a move with a good hand and hopefully get lucky when you finally has a unbeatable hand. Remember, do not be a mug like Adolf Hitler!