William Hill Is Still Sucking

William Hill customer service

William Hill Sucks, 2 Bad!

Well it seems William Hill are digging it’s heel in and they do not want to payout monies owed unless I jump through numerous hoops, because, they think they have the right to make people jump through hoops as a sign of their omnipotence. There is nothing wrong in jumping through hoops if you know how many hoops you must jump through, but, when they want you to jump through extra hoops because you actually won some money then they are beginning to take the proverbial Michael.

Mr Ralph Topping the head of William Hill was apparently cheered to the rafters when he was told to stay on for another 2 years. Well, he needs to get to grip with their customer services and their so called security in the next two years, which seem to be run by rather rude automatons with a lack of knowledge concerning UK law and the basics in customer relations. Maybe the customer is not always right, but sometimes they are and those in charge should concede, learn and move on.

I am a punter not a performing horse trained and manipulated to jump through hoops. The more you insist on us punters to jump through your hoops the more we will resist. Do not play their casino, always go for the best price and always go for the edge. William Hill and their ilk want you to bet on cartoon roulette and outlandish bets where you get a 33/1 odds about 63/1 shot as in the Royal baby nonsense bet they have going at the moment. In public they call it fun betting but their accountants call it ”raping the punter time”.

So as long as they keep my money I will be there to fight the good fight on behalf of the punter who get mis-informed and robbed by large companies using the latest manipulative technologies known to man.

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