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William Hill Sucks, 2 Bad!

Here is a online conversation that was sent to me by a friend. Please do not play with William Hill if you want to win money and then withdraw it! The Link to the article can be found on the forum on ‘Betting Advice’.


11-02-13, 08:48
HelloThis is not my story, I friend of mine asked me to post it here, since he has no account and no history on this forum. I guarantee you all that the story is true.

He opened an account with William Hill and deposited small amount of 15 euros. He bet in play for two weeks and won 210 euros. On the time of opening, he sent them his ID and the ID was approved. Than he made a withdrawal request, and they asked for proof of address. He sent them scan of a bank statement, and they asked for that statement in English??? Like the banks here have nothing more important to do, then to issue statement in those languages William Hill wanted to. I saw that statement, his address is CLEARLY visible. Than he asked them if he can send scan of a phone bill, they agreed, and he immediately sent that. And than nothing. No money, no explanation. He contacted the chat several times, always the same answer, they are still checking.

This is really unacceptable for A+ rated book. They can hold his money until New Year with the same answer, we are still checking.

I know this is not a big amount of money, but I don’t think that is important. They are harassing this guy for absolutely no reason.

12-02-13, 16:48
well report them to SBR then!
SBR will downgrade them then

19-02-13, 01:54
will hill is not A+ bookie,maybe Z+

22-02-13, 15:26
I have a friend who cant get 35 000 euros from them for 5-6 months… Account was verified etc but they just dont pay…

27-02-13, 00:58
dont play on **** bookies never again

16-04-13, 14:33
Let them know that you’re going to report them to their licensors regarding to your case.
http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q794/LuckAndWin/WH_zps5bc6f80a.jpg (http://s1359.photobucket.com/user/LuckAndWin/media/WH_zps5bc6f80a.jpg.html)With a complete data, i believe you’ll get pay or at least they gonna provide you all those logical reasons why they didn’t pay you up.

Good luck, mate! 🙂