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William Hill Sucks, 2 Bad!

Well William Hill are still reluctant to give up the winnings because they know that it will be immediately taken out of the account and back to the bank. However, after a resolution dispute via Paypal they have had to hand over the original deposit.

So the situation now stand that they will not give all the money because hoops were not jumped through and that is their rules and they will stick to them until hell freezes over. But, they will hand back the original stake because they like the idea of using Paypal to get punters funds and they do not want to lose that option.

They will not hand any winnings over as it will compromise their rules and procedure even though they have just compromise their rules and procedure via Paypal.

Why do they persist on being so pig headed and stupid? Well the money is better in their pocket than it is in anybody else’s pocket. William Hill are desperate for money and will do anything not to lose money. So if you win at William Hill make sure you get your money out of them before they go into a death spiral. They mah have been a big bookmaking firm in the past but something is not quite right with them now if they are prepared to hang onto punters money as if their whole life depends on it. 

Their customer service sucks and when they thought they could mess me about they sent emails saying Paypal can be used as another method to confirm details. Now that they have been resolved via Paypal complaint procedure they have removed Paypal from the method of confirming details. Why?

William Hill as being extremely silly and the sooner punters realise what William Hill are like the better. They hate punters being wise and playing to get the best results possible. They want punters who have not got a clue and will place bets on stupid propositions and take bad value such as 33/1 about a 63/1 chance concerning the Royal baby.

Do not bet with William Hill if your selection has a good chance of winning.