Royal Baby SweepStakes

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Here is a fun way of having a bet on the sex of the royal baby and the name of the royal baby. Click on the logo and join the PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel by registering as a new user. Tell use you user name so we can load up you account with credits and away you go. Place your bet on the sex and/or the name of the royal baby. 

There are other things you can have a bet on such as who will win UK Big Brother 2013 and the next Olympic City (2020). If you have an idea of a fun sweepstake then let us know and we will put it up so you can get your friends to play along. 

Dont forget to blog on your sweepstake exploits and there will be a $25 prize for the best blog in August 2013.

Click logo to register and join the fun

PoolKnave Logo

PoolKnave Logo