November Nine Are Who?

2013 November Nine

2013 November Nine

Here they are the ‘November Nine’ for 2013 or in other words the ‘November Who’? This year has produced a load of outsiders who are going to be runners for the goal of World Champion of Poker 2013 and yes there will be a pool on this courtesy of PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel

Here are the November Nine with their chip total:

1 JC Tran – 38,000,000
2 Amir Lehavot – 29,700,00
3 Marc McLaughlin – 26,525,000
4 Jay Farber – 25,975,000
5 Ryan Riess – 25,875,000
6 Sylvain Loosli – 19,600,000
7 Michiel Brummelhuis – 11,275,000
8 Mark Newhouse – 7,350,000
9 David Benefield – 6,375,000

By the way there has been a flood of ‘money’ when the birth of the royal baby was born on the sex of the royal baby and it was due to ‘yours truly’ was otherwise occupied with friends in having a catch up with old times. So since the naming of the baby is going to take some time, there will be a closer eye being put on the ‘bets’ being made on the name.

Luckily this is just a game and not a real sweepstakes, so no harm done!

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