Things Americans Do Behind Closed Doors

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Dodgy American Sex Survey

….apparently the USA is more than a deviant society. The greatest and most powerful country the world has ever known, get up to all sorts when the bedroom door is shut! But then again which society does not have deviants running around? Hence the moral force of religion which is primarily there to codify how a society is to be run and to stop people doing stuff which may not be good for society like having children with your parents.

Religion should never be part of the government because you can never have a rational argument with religious leaders. Religious leaders will talk to their ‘god’, and, how can you disprove it?

So in order that the world runs at a more sensible way lets get religious people out of government and secular people running stuff. Martin Luther King was a great man but he went to the mountain top and saw great things in the future….nice guy but having complex visions would not make the running of day to day government policy easy. Dalai Lama, lovely guy, ineffectual head of state. Obviously the continuing turmoil of the middle east and the Sunni/Shia debate which tends to end up with car bombs.

So keeping religion out of government is good, having religious leaders making moral observations is even better. Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury really does need to keep the pressure on legal loan sharks and the ConDem government about the obscene rates of interest charged for payday loans.