The Bucks Stops Here

Ralph Topping CEO

Ralph Topping

The drama at William Hill and their incomprehensible customer service continues. After a compromise situation was offered and rejected, they either want me to give up my winnings or accept that I must jump through hoops as a trained sheepple. 

Therefore for the good of the organisation Mr Ralph Topping need to get to grips with a customer service department which is not fit for purpose – as the modern expression for an extremely rubbish operation is being coined nowadays. Apparently Mr Topping was a razor sharp shop manager and therefore must have the skill to recognise when common sense needs to override a totally incompetent customer service.

On the other hand he could be scared to take on the head of department as office politics could come into play and he may not be in the position to get a sensible resolution. Whatever the situation, and to paraphrase Harry Truman mantra ‘the buck’s stop here’. He must have control of some money and must see the virtue of giving the winnings to charity!

A bookmaker donating money to charity is a good thing. I am prepared to let William Hill give my money to charity and therefore they can close my account and we will no longer have to exchange emails. This gives everyone a way of backing down and end a acrimonious situation. They clearly only want my business one way. I like to see my participation in a betting market in my favour, this mean that we will never have a happy medium. 

To believe that this has been going on for two months just shows that William Hill customer service has seriously lost it’s way in what it should be doing, encouraging people to participate in the activities William Hill provide. Why would you go out of your way to upset customers by being rude, pedantic and dumb? Do they think that their company is a monopoly and therefore can provide any type of service they want? 

Mr Topping my bucks are in your company because your customer service is crap! Give my money to charity and change the way you sort out problems. By the way my favourite charity is ‘Save The Children’ fund. If you have a different charity you prefer then provide a convincing argument and I will reflect on it.

William Hill customer service

William Hill Sucks, 2 Bad!