Summer Madness Continues….

Girls celebrating GCSE

Welcome to the silly season. After loads of reviews, tremendous amount of upheaval and gnashing of teeth over the state of education, in regards that they were getting easier. It turns out that the percentage of kids who are getting top marks are no more or greater than they were 30 odd years ago. However, this will not stop the newspapers showing loads of 16 – 17 year old girls jumping up and down celebrating their results while being photographed. This is all done in the best possible taste.

At the same time we are being overloaded by Pharrell Williams and his ambition for world domination. Currently he is involved in two of this years biggest selling tunes and these records are not going anywhere except into your brain as a constant reminder that you ‘must enjoy yourself ‘ even though the fabric of society is being destroyed with zero contract employment, Middle East disintegration and the environment being under siege by companies fracking the death out of Mother Earth.

At least Pharrell Williams is managing to keep the totally silly story of Simon Cowell getting a woman pregnant or even the biggest story of the year that a woman gave birth to a baby called Prince George. So while your enjoying the weather just remember it is the time of the year that supermarkets and other retailers are gearing up to sell you loads of stuff for Christmas…enjoy!

Robin Thicke (Ft T.I & Pharrell) – Blurred Lines

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Daft Punk РGet Lucky

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