The Special One Is Now The Boring One

José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix

Jose Mourinho

Call this the sentiments of a poor loser, but, Jose Mourinho not putting on a recognised striker against Manchester United on Monday was designed to do one thing and that was not scoring a goal. I and many others had Chelsea to win or at least score and although you can never fully predict the outcome of a football match the fact that Chelsea supporters where yawning at the display says it all.

The elaborate ‘journey man’ is back in the UK to to weave his magic on the English Premier League. Women will swoon at his charm and dapper look, men will be enthralled by the eclectic quotes he will undoubtedly make, but, not sending out a striker in a big game clearly meant he wanted a 0 – 0 score which is the most boring result any fan could be in fear of seeing. Why pay £50+ to watch a football game in which no team score? It maybe good tactics in the sense that Chelsea had another clean sheet, and, when the end of the season come most will never remember the game in which Chelsea went out for a nil, nil score line.

Apparently there are Internet rumours that this was an elaborate plan from Jose Mourinho to let the Chelsea owner know that he needs a new striker because the strikers he has now is not good enough and that includes Torres and Ba. This maybe the case and we will know in a week or so if this is the case. Being a journey man manager or even as a trouble shooter does give you the licence to be radically different. Trouble shooting in an arena in which you are supposed to entertain does put an extra onus on the owners to expect the worst before it gets better. 

Roman Abramovich is not known as a fool and taking back a guy he got rid of because his football was boring is taking a big risk. This could make him look ridiculous and a person like him looking ridiculous is not good, especially in the circle that Abramovich moves in. He made some big mistake which has been laughable and that includes bringing Andriy Shevchenko to Chelsea and sacking Roberto Di Matteo in such a public way unedifying way, so he does need to get a ‘result’ to show that he does have a business plan and is not just chucking money around his favourite hobby Chelsea FC.