Plebgate Melodrama And Mr Unlucky

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell

Plebgate – the name of a ministerial sacking, has now become a full blown scandal. The police hierarchy in the Midlands have been implicated in a blatant lie. Andrew Mitchell had the good sense to have recorded the conversation he had with three top cops. The recording now contradicts what the police said and proves Andrew Mitchell was correct. This follows on from the original crime of calling coppers Plebs, which Andrew Mitchell did not do.

In the meantime there is enough information in which there should be a criminal investigation. There is evidence of collusion and a conspiracy. To put it in a nut shell the police as a force have gone out of their way to take the minister down.

It has happened before Hillsborough, Birmingham Six, etc but this time there is a man with serious back up and powerful friends. The one thing I always thought as the enquiry about the Mark Duggan death continues, has always been the two un-manned police cars left in the road by the route march of the protesters of Mark Duggan death which ultimately led to the massive English 2011 riots? The withdrawing of police in operation during the riot also drew  a sharp in take of breathe. Leaving the rioters to do what they wanted to do was also a bit mysterious.

Will heads roll and people get locked up? Probably! But the shaking of confidence is scary. We like law and order in the UK, the Sex Pistols were wrong we don’t like anarchy in the UK. The police seem to be a law onto themselves. This is not good.


How unlucky is that guy in Iran! A guy known by the name Alireza M was hanged to death for drug possession. He was sentenced to death and duly hanged. The body was taken down and put into a morgue. When his family went back to get the body for burial, they heard him breathing and he was amazingly alive. However, the authorities in Iran have said that he will be nursed well and then he will be hunged again to definitely kill him next time. That is some serious bad luck. Why didn’t his family keep quiet and get the man out of the way.

Amnesty International are on the case and hopefully they will shame the leaders in Iran. If they manage to save the guy then this man must buy a lottery ticket.