Chris Christie Is Revolting!

Chris Christie

Chris Christie

When a multi-millionaire declares he is going to destroy a new law because it is not good for his business most in the political world take notice as plutocrats are the new bosses and demand respect. Sheldon Adelson has declared war on online gambling because he think it is his right to protect his business by denying everyone else the pleasure of online poker. A very reasonable wish if you are a megalomaniac who wants to rule the world.

Luckily there are people ready to stand up to the tyrant and cometh the hour cometh the man. Apparently New Jersey are about to change the law to allow online poker. Chris Christie, probably buoyed up by his recent election is ready to allow online poker in his state!

As a  laissez-fair conservative it makes sense to allow people to play online poker. The technology determines that it is going to happen and the legislator has no moral right to stop online poker. Just like online chess is legal so should online poker. The fact that money is used to determine the success of the player is neither here nor there. It is still a game of skill.

Good luck to those in New Jersey in ripping up the law as laid down by Sheldon Adelson. It is time for a revolution in the US and that time is now.