The BBC Must Ban Children Of Celebrities

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing

With Boris Johnson mouthing off about the glories of nepotism, rigged markets and exclusion from the old boys network , plus the Sun destroying the comet Ison, then getting knocked out of a online poker tournament when forced to go all in with pocket kings against 76 suited and losing; I finally had enough and now I will put the World to right.

Social mobility has stalled and gone backwards since the The Thatcher/Reagan reactive revolution. Even though the nonsense was blown up in 2008 when the banking system and plutocrats forced the World governments to socialise the losses and effectively putting future children into indentured labour for at least 50 years, we the ordinary people still have to listen to crap about genetics and its relation to IQ. 

IQ has no relation to ability and wealth. Social connections, education, food, housing and clothes are far more important. Therefore the government should spend the same amount as Eton does on pupils if it truly want to give every child an advantage in life. Does anyone really believe that Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Johnson would have been in the position they are if it was not due to their starting position in life? Blimey who else would get a Buckingham Palace phone call insisting that David Cameron get the job at ITV?

So enough of the bollocks about IQ when it is clear that Boris Johnson is just playing the part of a useful idiot in the style of a Shakespearean fool to get the British plutocrats more of the economic pie. So what should be done?

The first and most significant thing to do is ban any celebrity child from working for the BBC! At the moment so many are working for the BBC that it is squeezing out other children from getting the plum jobs that the offer. You do not have to be a genius to present Strictly Come Dancing yet it is covered with Children whose parents worked for the BBC and that is only the face what about the backroom staff?

TV is easy so making it more egalitarian and democratic would generate debate on social networks and equality. If the sprogs are so clever they can work in the independent sector. The job of the BBC is to bring the nation together not restrict entry due to grandfather rights or birth rights. 

Too many people who work for the BBC are on a good lifestyle, will this should be liberated to the nation. There are so many courses about media studies that it seems incredible that the only workers that the BBC can get are public school educated children of former and present BBC employees. So enough nepotism let the great unwashed have a go.