Is Online Poker Evolving?

Online Poker Evolution

Online Poker Evolution

Contrary to the view of right wing US senators evolution does exist and is not a concept dreamt up by the devil! Evolution might be an uncomfortable idea to grasp, but, believing that The Flintstones is some sort of documentary and the world is 6,000 years old because the Holy Bible more less alludes to that is sad and probably symptomatic of why the USA is in decline.

When your leaders are stupid enough to believe that the President is a Kenyan who sneaked back into the country so he could be a immigrant anchor baby, that there is such a thing as legitimate rape, where a man who could be President can actually said he does not care about 47% of the population, when a government can be shut down because some members do not believe in universal health care, when a website on health care crashes and people applaud it and finally leaders constantly deny that humans have an effect on global warming when every single evidence scientifically and anecdotally point to the opposite, then the decline of an empire such as the US is terminal.

Stupid is as stupid does! So denying evolution when there is plenty evidence that it exist and is happening now, may help lazy narcissistic people get loads of money from corporations who want to deliberately dumb down a nation so that it can exploit the population more efficiently, but, it is doing real damage to their own citizens and to the world as a whole.

These same anti-thinking individuals are also at the vanguard of stopping online poker and gambling. Of course children should not be in the position to legally bet, but we all know they will. So with the edifice of moral outrage slowly crumbling to dust it is also clear that the market should be regulated. A regulated online betting market will help with finance, integrity of the market and keep out a lot of organised criminals. The libertarian view of let the market go free is both silly and disastrous.

 Look at what is happening with the virtual currency Bitcoin. In the latest rip off situation Sheep Marketplace has had the equivalent of £58 million stolen from its users. The owners blame a security breach, but others are blaming the owners of the website. The fact is that it is down to prohibition and those who devised Bitcoin not having a central control system. Nothing wrong in not having a central control system over money exchange but it will lead to things going haywire when serious crooks get involved. So when online poker is allowed and regulated then the criminal excesses will be dampened down.

So yes we need to ‘evolve’ in the sense that the world will need to regulate online poker and the US government can do this before it finally disintegrate into a dumb down, red neck, plutocratic state.

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