Time For Hypocrisy

Mrs Thatcher and Mr Mandela

Mrs Thatcher and Mr Mandela

Just loving the reaction of the right wing over the death of Nelson Mandela. While the sensible ones either keep quiet or tell the truth about the great man, others just cannot help themselves and have come out with the most vilest comments ever. 

My attention was drawn to the best of the right wing nonsense by a Facebook link and was found on Ted Cruz’s Facebook page. Truly, if you need to have a laugh then go to the page and read the comments of the lunatics on the right in all their glory, it is fabulous. 

The right wing cannot have it both ways either George Washington was a terrorist or a freedom fighter, because they call Nelson Mandela a terrorist and not a freedom fighter even though he was doing the exact same thing as George Washington.

During the 1980’s Dennis Thatcher didn’t want sanctions against South Africa because he had financial interest over there so hence Margaret Thatcher unreal obsession with not imposing economic sanctions. The Ronald Reagan’s vetoing of the bill which would impose sanctions on South Africa is probably down to his old racist attitude that people of his generation had about black people. In Reagan’s eyes blacks were OK as long as they knew their place and did not get too uppity. Nelson Mandela definitely fell into ‘the uppity negro’ category. Congress in the end had to slap the old man down and overturn his veto because morally there was no way to cover up the racist act.

The right wing will argue that Nelson Mandela was a communist hence their attitude. Mandela had communist allies but clearly history has proven that he was not a communist. 

Whether due to personal gain or negative attitudes to non whites, the right wing leadership at the time prolonged the anti-democratic government which was based on race and for this alone they should be really ashamed of themselves and their leaders.