Eusébio Dies

Eusébio (25 January 1942 - 5 January 2014)

Eusébio (25 January 1942 – 5 January 2014)

Eusébio da Silva Ferreira otherwise known as Eusébio was a Portugese legendary footballer who will always be up there with Puskas, Pele, Best, Cruyff, Maradonna, Messi.

The reason why these guys are so rated is that you  can see them in any team and that team would be improved. Eusébio was so good he nearly scored in every game he played a phenomenal feat of acheivement (733 goals in 745 games). 

Born in Mozambique, Eusébio was inspired to form his own football team and called them ‘The Brazilians’ after the 1950’s Brazil team. He then started to play for Benfica and went on to lead them to 11 league championship titles, 1 European Cup. He was top scorer in the Portugese league seven times, in the World Cup 1966 he was top goal scorer and he had an impeccable record for good behaviour finishing with being European player of the year in 1965.

His career lasted 22 years and although he never gained the fortune that other players got, he became such an icon that he managed to be part of the Portuguese football association set up. 

No. 8. Eusébio (Football’s Greatest)

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