Where Are the Dark Glasses And Hoodies?

dark glasses and hoodie

dark glasses and hoodie

What has happened to those poker players who wore dark glasses and hoodies? A few years ago they were everywhere. Usually bald headed youngsters who looked like an extra from the latest hobbit movie. Sometimes they even had ear phones listening to god knows what.

I tried it once but gave up when I had a pair of kings got called by two other players who went all in. One had A, 6 suited and the other had 9, 2 suited! I flopped trips when another king came up, but then lost out when 9, 2 suited managed to get the flush. Why would anyone call with 9, 2 suited was beyond me and I lost my mojo, temper, humour and earphones.

How silly would you look when you’ve gone into some semi-deprivation only to suck out to a nutter!!!???

That’s probably why it went out of fashion. It only works if you are winning. If you lose you look like a miserable loon who dresses up and tuned out but still losses to a wally, so why dress up?

Poker is a social game for lone wolves. You play by being selfish but as ships pass by in the night it is nice for some intimate chit chat without any consequences except a moment in time for pleasantry.  When you’re hooded up. hiding the eyes with dark glasses and shutting out sounds with earphones, you do miss the banter and yes information. Of course it would not have helped me in the situation I stated above, but, it made it worst because I wanted to win and exhibited determination to win by wearing earphones.

The ‘serial killer’ look is so 2009 and now everyone has moved on…thank god.