Neknomination And Poker

Mixed Up Drinks

Mixed Up Drinks

Why waste a good evening playing pub poker when you can spend the evening trying to make yourself really sick by playing neknomination poker. Neknomination poker is so stupid that it can be fun you will need a large wad of money and an obliging pub landlord. The pub landlord will be very pleased with the game as it will increase the money in the till.

Here are the rules for Poker Neknomination:

1. Have a bank roll the size of Belgium’ gross domestic product.

2. Find a pub with loads of obscure drinks and liquors.

3. Phone your next day engagement and tell them that your grandmother has died, and, you have to go to the funeral tomorrow.

4. Start a game of draw poker (cash game format) and the losing hands will then nominate the drinks that the winning had has to neck (drink).

5. Those that lose will have to pay for the drink. This will keep the game honest and will act as an incentive to win.

6. There should be a cigarette break every hour to let regurgitation and other bodily functions to take place.

7. If an opponent passes out then they will have to pay for the next round for all players and then leave.

8. The end of the game is caused by no players to pay for the winners drink.