Is Online Poker Becoming Unfashionable?

Poker Totty Natalie will learn poker quickly

Poker Totty Natalie will learn poker quickly

I have not played online poker for a while. It could be that I was losing badly and it could be that I have so much stuff to do that I cannot spend the hours grinding away and getting donked on by a heavy duty fish who gets lucky.

There does not seem to be new people signing up in numbers. Again, this could be down to people having other things to do, or, getting disillusioned by the bots that cream the newbies like a farmer milking his cow.

People like new Poker Totty Natalie Mcdonagh have not readily taken to online poker which is a shame as it seems that the bonus offer are not as enticing as they used to be. The rake backs are not as generous, the buzz is far too serious and again as I have been banging on for a long time, where is poker 2.0? 

Anonymous tables have helped, but, we need a killer application which will fire up the juices and get the excitement back in the game.