Bitcoin Regulation



It is inevitable that there will be regulation involving Bitcoins. You simply cannot have millions of dollars disappear and nothing is done about finding out where the money went and why.

Mt Gox the biggest exchange for trading Bitcoins having closed and with it several hundred Bitcoins which apparently were valued at $300+ million, now mean that the biggest exchange in the World for virtual currency or altcoins has effectively signed the order for exchanges to be monitored like the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange.

The idea that Bitcoin could avoid all regulation can still happen but it will mean that the user will have to put their trust in bandits, crooks and other dodgy characters because human nature does need regulation.

It is all right if you were an early adopter of Bitcoin and got them when they were pennies, but now the total Bitcoins in the World are valued at $6.4 billion and could get higher. With more altcoins on the horizon including one from yours truly this market is only going to get bigger.

 Bitcoins is looking like the early beginnings of the Internet and we all know where that went!