Rail Bird v Chip Bitch v Loser’s Table

Chip Bitch

Chip Bitch

There is nothing worst in poker than being knocked out early. Not even being the bubble boy or coming second that that fish you’ve been angling for as you knew he was a dope. Being knocked out early gives you four choices.

The first choice is always the worst, going home! Going home is like being a a kid who has his school money taken off him and sent packing. A horrible position to be in.

The next three are preferable but only because it allow you to save face and being seen as a keen observer who will take notes on the other players for later reference, or, a loser who cannot face the humiliation of going home like a kid who has had his lunch money stolen.

Rail bird – the best of the bad bunch. Sit in the corner, churning up inside at losing so early but using the time to look for tells on other players and to cheer on your friend who you wisely arranged to split any profits with before the tournament started. It maybe the best of the early loser thing to do but it is boring as hell.

Chip bitch – The person that fetch and carries stuff for those remaining at the table. This is usually done by those who got knocked out during a home poker tournament and fills in the time until the next tournament. It is something that must be done in a home porker tournament, because you’re all friends and friends stick together and look after each other….mores the pity!

Losers table – as the name suggests it is where the losers go to try and recoup some self respect.

As you can see all these positions are not nice but they do have there place in the game of rogues and degenerates. The skill is not being one of them.