Poker Totty Venus Flies And Dies


Poker Totty Venus

Poker Totty Venus Makes Her Altcoin Choices

Poker Totty Venus was not that successful last time and she basically bombed out. This time she has promised to do better and has really poured over the runes and oracles to come up with some good alltcoins to back and to lay.

Although she has blatantly missed out Darkcoin it is not because some people did not try to point her in the right direction. The same is true about Litecoin which looks like it is on a steady holding position.

Anyway, this assignment is way out of my pay grade and I leave it to Poker Totty Venus to give her reasons and more importantly her choices.

Dont forget you can get free KNCs via the link below, and, place your own predictions on which coins will fly and which coins will die. The strength of your prediction can be micro or the full bank, if you have heard of the latest pump and dump. 

PoolKnave PMP

If you are new to altcoins and the World of crypto-currency you will need a wallet to put your coins in when you make a withdrawal. Here is the link:


Poker Totty Venus Picks This Weeks Winners And Loser (29th June, 2014) 

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