Poker Totty Venus Goes After The World Cup

Poker Totty Venus

Poker Totty Venus Gives Her Tips For Uppers And Downers.

The success of Poker Totty Venus’s altcoin tips could be described as somewhat scrappy. There is no doubt her work ethic is great, but, her outcomes have not given us the returns we were looking for.

She has notified us that she wil be doing a whole series on the World Cup 2014 which is being held in Brazil.

The reason why this sudden turn on the altcoins has been down too:

1. She has greater knowledge of football. 

2. She needs more time to work on her information gathering on altcoins. This is due to her lack of inside information on the guys who ‘pump and dump’ altcoins, thereby helping her fans get better information from her tips. 

Clearly this is attention to detail is good to see, however, as the World Cup is a once in four year event we will be very cautious about rushing in and betting with serious cash. 

This is nothing personal as caution is a natural condition especially when ‘ol reliables’ such as The Magical Tipster are struggling to pick winners (The Villain has been giving him a good kicking lately). So we recommend that a small bank should be set up for Poker Totty Venus World Cup tips and hopefully she has a blinder, but with the proviso that if things go pear shape we will minimize our potential losses.

Poker Totty Venus’s World Cup Tips

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