Poker Misconception Number 1

late poker players

Waiting for a game

Amongst poker players and gamblers in general there is a misconception that it is OK to be late and slovenly! Apparently being lackadaisical about your behaviour and demeanor is just fine and dandy. Well guess what… IT IS NOT FINE AND DANDY TO BE LATE OR TO BE A SLOB ABOUT YOUR PERSON.

There is nothing worst than having to deal with someones body odour. Yes some people get turned on by a sweaty arm pit, but most don’t. So veer on the side of caution and try and smell at least neutral. The same applies with being late. Some find being late a sign of being fashionable or even cute. However, the majority of the human race find such behaviour as a sign of disrespect and laziness.

The poker players and gamblers who behave in such manner are usually bad players and will bet on anything because they have a financial death wish similar to the disease that is called poker potlatch. In fact the video by the great Dobber expands on this as we had a problem with a Vietnamese contributor who had a mental breakdown and destroyed a lot of our work for some dumb ass reason (I think it was some sort of retribution for the Vietnam war in which we as UK citizen had no part of but copped the grief for the American action… sometimes this so called ‘special relation’ with the USA is a bit one sided).

So if you feel the need to be late for a game of poker without good reason, please be reminded that you are a cretin and hopefully you will lose more than your stake.

Now that we have buried the misconception number 1 there are bound to be more misconception that need knocking down.