Run Sarah Run

Sarah Palin GOP Candidate 2016?

Sarah Palin GOP Candidate 2016?

The regular readers will remember those hazy, crazy days of 2011/12 when we got right behind Rick Santorum for GOP/Republican candidate for President of The United States of America. We tweeted like demented budgies not because we thought his views on the modern world was what we wanted, but we were behind him because we had him to win £10,000 at one time!

Yes we were the guys that had Rick Santorum at various odds upto 300/1+. Yes we got greedy when he came second and then after proper counting he came first at the Iowa Caucus. Now if the reporting was properly done and not manipulated by Romney supporters to dampen down the inevitable bandwagon which would have engulfed the Santorum campaign when the news of him winning hit the media and the public. But having that delay gave Romney and the GOP establishment to circle the wagons around Romney and stifle any idea of Santorum being front runner.

We still made money and the ride was great while it lasted. Now we need another outsider to get behind. Just like we did with Obama and Santorum. This time we are going for Sarah Palin!

O.K an official Vice President candidate is not strictly an outsider. But it is clear the establishment do not like Sarah Palin one little bit and that is good enough for us!

Yes we have had 130/1+ and the chances of a grass root campaign starting up is as likely as snow in Saudi Arabia. However, there is talk of impeaching Barack Obama and Sarah Palin is leading the charge to do this. If she manages to mobilize the obvious forces within the GOP/Republican party to force the establishment to at least attempt to impeach Obama, then she will be in a position to fire up the base to get behind her bid.

In the end who is big enough to take Sarah Palin on if she decides to run? Backing Sarah Palin in a political world where shutting down the government is seen as a sensible idea, shouting at illegal economic refugee children is ‘compassionate’ and demanding the head of state shows his birth certificate to prove he was born in Hawaii and not Kenya took hours and hours of debate.

Therefore the trading potential is too big to miss on Sarah Palin since there is no obvious front runner with balls big enough to tell Sarah Palin to shut up.