All Lagers Taste The Same…So What?

Cans of Lager - taste the same.

Cans of Lager – taste the same.

According to¬†Stockholm School of Economics three of Europe’s top selling lagers all taste the same and the only way to tell the difference is to look at the various marketing methods! Well as a drunken poker players all I can say is NO SH*T SHERLOCK!

This has been a widely held belief for years. I first noticed this when lager producing companies started creating ever more elaborate shaped glasses and insisting that their product must only be served in those designated glasses. On the whole, most customers did give two sh*ts on what glass was used to serve the beer as long as the beer was wet, cold and clean it was alright.

However, there was always the idiot who brought into the hype in totality, and, insisted the glass was an important element in his beer drinking ‘experience’. These numskulls would fetishise and demand better ‘experience’ as a particular glass gave the beer a better taste and getting quite agitated if it wasn’t in the right glass. So you had to give in and give them the ‘right’ glass.

In the end lager does taste the same all over and therefore it has no other point but to give refreshment on a very dry day. Guzzling a can of lager while by the river with the sun beating down is tantamount to glory that would even turn the most ardent ISIS nut case.

So roll on those ever growing micro breweries who try to enliven the alcohol taste bud with new beer and different taste. The biggest movement since the lager lout is those new and obscure breweries. In the olden days anyone who was a member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) was seen as a saddo without a life. Now the are seen as a saddo with access to to some nice beer. Certainly an improvement and long may it continue even though they can be boring company.