Latest Video From Poker Totty Venus

Poker Totty Venus picks altcoins

Poker Totty Venus Is Back!

Her introduction to the world of altcoins and crypto-currency has been interesting. Poker Totty Venus started out as a pure novice 5 months ago. Yet in the short time of playing the game with a purpose or G.W.A.P she has become the voice of alternative currency. Her tips maybe random but it is no denying that she does make some interesting calls which lead to interesting results.

Why does a poker playing model suddenly become the voice of alternative currency? Well it is quiet simple, she is intelligent, understands the dynamics of crypto currency and she likes to be at the heart of technology. Simple!

Latest Video From Poker Totty Venus

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Here is her latest thoughts on the subject and you can get your free KnaveCoins by joining and getting your ewallet from 

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