Radical Jihadism Is The New Punk Rock?

Sid Vicious - Punk Rock Icon

Sid Vicious – Punk Rock Icon

Just watched a program about Sid Vicious the patron saint of punk rock music who killed himself with a drug overdose, after killing his girlfriend while stoned out of his head.  He became famous while learning to play the bass guitar with the band The Sex Pistols.

The Sex Pistols came to  notoriety when they brought out a record called ‘God Save The Queen’ during Queen Elizabeth II silver jubilee celebration in 1977. The Sex Pistols also made a lot of money and gained a lot of support by being obnoxious, anti everything around them and nihilistic. They wore Nazi insignia 30 years after the ‘Allies’ beat the ‘Axis’ after World War II. They gloried in hating education and the norms of civil society and aimed to not be experts at playing music because being good at playing music was seen as ‘bourgeois’!

Wearing ripped second hand clothes was the height of fashion for these people and spitting on someone meant they were very good at the activity they were pursuing. All in all punk rock was 180 degrees different from the hippie movement which had happened less than 10 years previous. 

This brings us to why modern day revolutionary jihadist are the new punk rockers. 

Revolutionary jihadist dislike everything that the fall of the Berlin Wall stands for, democracy, equality and capitalism. 

To a revolutionary jihadist democracy is an abomination as it replaces the will of god with the will of man. Therefore it is wrong and should be destroyed. 

Equality mean that men and women are equal and since that is nonsense to a revolutionary jihadist, it also should be destroyed. To be equal you would need education, revolutionary jihadist dislike education especially for women.

Finally capitalism depends on consumerism which is what led to the fall of state communism. Therefore the pursuit of consumerism would mean that the application of science for pleasure would be a good thing, and, have the consequence of denying that Allah is all powerful, since science destroys the belief that the Earth is the centre of the Universe. Also, capitalism creates systems of exchange of services and goods which can be described as haram. 

To certain people who would like to be top dog this is good news! You can be thick as poo and as long as you believe you are allowed to do anything you want. Even if you are clever and bright, being a a revolutionary jihadist gives you the liberating feeling of an outlaw to be feared. After all those years of grovelling and studying to be part of a system which despise you and your faith it is great to be seen as a problem that is sanctioned from a higher being.

Therefore, being an outsider has never been cooler. You get to dress in weird and wonderful clothes. You can dislike women who didn’t like you in the first place. You can decide not to learn anything new because that is not what is needed. The only thing you need to do is to believe and become a martyr. 

Rock ‘n’ roll was all about living fast and dying young. Revolutionary jihadist is all about fighting for your belief and dying as a martyr. Both are nihilistic and yet both are ideologically pure. One is about getting as much shiny things as possible and the other is about getting as much plaudits as possible, for when you die that is all that is left, nothing but wreckage of nonsense.