Fox News – The Boil On America’s Arse

Fox News

Fox News

If you are a thinker, a person who takes time to educate themselves in the ways of the world, tolerant of different people, tolerant of different lifestyles, concerned about the future of the planet, excited by science and the possibilities it can unlock, skeptical about religion and what it offers society and a refusenik when it comes to bowing to plutocrats and the aristocracy then you will hate Foxnews!

Foxnews is a product of Rupert Murdoch relentless drive for a right wing agenda which dominates public space. He knows that praying on the fears of people who want things to never change, people to know their place, based on a 1950’s paradigm laced with right wing populism is a way to make money.

He knows that there are enough people who cannot be bothered to look at both sides of an argument and just want answers that justify their prejudice, therefore, he gives it them and they pay him a monthly subscription fee, easy! The thing is never to acknowledge that the days of the good guys wear white hats and the bad guys wear black hats are over. With so much information everything can be question and everyone can have an opinion. However, there comes a point when people of goodwill must come to a decision. With Foxnews this is not an option!

Foxnews never let facts get in the way of a good story hence for years they gave air to people who said Obama was not born in the USA. In fact, according to these people, he was born in Kenya and was a Muslim to boot. These are not the actions of a news organisation wanting to inform and educate a nation. Therefore it forever damned the organisation as a entity without honour and credibility.

No doubt they will point to some story or item that is real, but that is only a way to hide their true intentions to mislead and mis-inform. The best bit about this is that people pay to watch this! 

When I feel like I am turning into my dad and start to take on board the editorial column of the Daily Telegraph, I just go to Foxnews to get the real authentic voice of the plutocratic apologist. This then reinvigorate me to live a true life in which I rebel against the tide of conformity and servitude.

Apparently Rupert Murdoch will be allying himself with the United Kingdom Independence Party in the 2015 election. This is pay back because David Cameron did not stop the News International hacking inquiry. The inquiry was brought about due to the actions of the reporters messing about with Milly Dowler’s voice mail when the poor girl was murdered. Based on this why would you take serious a organisation which tolerates such behavior