Friends 20 Years Old


Friends 20 Years Old

It seems that Friends has been on for more than 20 years. There must be a formula to prove that Friends is on at least twice at anytime of the day.

As a cultural statement ‘Friends’ made it OK to be a geek with two of the male characters being geek inspired. They were also socially awkward and soppy, yet they managed to get hold of some of the fittest women on TV.

Clearly this was an attempt at social engineering which was successful especially when the guy who was not awkward around women (Joey), was also the dimmest of the bunch.

The women were basically the precursor to the size zero, gap between the legs movement, initiated by male fashion models but carried out by female celebrities. Non of the women on Friends were bigger than size 8 and this was emphasized by Monica Geller being a reformed fat person.

The size zero model broke down when Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston and went with a more rounded woman in the shape of Angelina Jolie, before she also joined the ‘rush to downsize’.

So all in all Friends has dictated Occidental culture for the last 20 years and that included poker. In the poker edition it created a scenario in which Ross deliberately under played a hand to get into Rachel’s knickers. This has led to loads of situation in which film makers especially those that do not play poker create scenarios in their films in which players deliberately lose with winning hands as some sort supra-Machiavellian plot which when played out is so absurd that even Harold Robbins would be ashamed if it was in his novel.

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