Pissheads Are Bad News


This image is like sex for pissheads.

For a pisshead the image above in basically porn! To a pisshead I am throwing temptation in their face and it is not fair. The reason for this is that I once had a friend who was substance dependent. The substance they ere addicted to is beer and alcohol. Now the thing about alcohol in the UK is that it is hard to see if someone is dependent as life, business and other societal norms are carried out in public houses.

There is nothing like having a drink with pleasant company in a bar. However, the convivial atmosphere hides the dark nature that can lurk within the midst of happy times. 

A drunk will always be your friend as long as the drink is flowing. The only time you realise that they have a problem is when you catch them drinking early in the morning and they try to convince you that the beer smell is from the night before. So either they did not brush their teeth or they had a sneaky can of strong beer.

Once you know that the person is a drunk you know that your friendship is on borrowed time. Drunks are only your friend while the drink is flowing. Once there is a restriction on the access of beer then your friendship is on the line. Alcohol is the thing that drives the life of a pisshead. Just like heroin drives the activity of a smack head, Alcohol drives the nature of a drunk. The only reason it is acceptable in the UK is that it is part of society to have a ‘good drink’. 

Nothing beats a good drink. After all it is what kept society in clover when water was dirty. Just like brewing tea in China helped society to have clean water in take brewing beer in the UK gave the nation clean water in take because all the bacteria and other harmful substance was destroyed.

The trouble is that they will let you down in favour of a drink, especially when money to purchase drink is in short supply. Drunks need drink and they will sell their own grandmother for a drink.

Also funny things happen when you are not sober and this can be extremely funny as well. So that is why people tolerate drunks until drunks decide to take advantage of your good nature and think that they can out think a sober person. The reason why a drunken Winston Churchill could out think Adolf Hitler was that Hitler was a speed freak injecting so much amphetamine that his mind was addled.