Poker, Politics And Poolknave PMP

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Today is a like a derby match for political junkies. Over in the U.S.A there are midterm elections which will set the tone for the 2016 Presidential elections. At the moment the Republicans are looking good, but, as a left wing leaning liberal I am hoping that the legendary Obama ground team can scupper the Republican big money program of buying the elections by getting poor people to vote against their interest.

Whatever happens in the US midterm 2014, my prediction that online poker will be legally available for the masses in 2014 looks like it is still on hold. Certain places like New Jersey and California are flirting with the notion but for national adoption still seem to be held back by Sheldon Adelson who so happen to be a major contributor to the apparently no business regulation, free market loving, don’t step on me, capitalist bulwark, libertarian, freedom fighters  Republican party! It seems Mr Adelson loves all those things that do not upset his money making interest and the Republicans are happy for it to be that way!

As I stated we tend to be on the left wing libertarian wing of the debate, no matter what that debate is about. Hence our interest in altcoin/crypto currency. After a rather skeptical view about Bitcoin and what it represented we have slowly come to the conclusion that in a post-industrial society you will have a post-industrial economic system. Will this lead to the Marxist vision of the evolution for human society? It seems to have the attributes for it since the Marxist vision is that the capitalist model of managing scarce resources will be overtaken by the communistic managing of too much resources. Therefore having loads of currency means that there will be a need to manage all these currency! A very simplistic  view but it is a view of how a ‘global revolution’ can create a socialistic world wide society.

So in our small way, PoolKnave PMP is part of the movement to help create this new world order in which altcoins are used to exchange information in a open and transparent way. Poker Totty Venus gives a quick over view and will give us her tips for the various altcoin price movement. Don’t forget by joining the PoolKnave PMP you will get £200 worth of Knavecoins for free. Also, if you are a member of Bitcoin Garden, you get another £100 worth of Knavecoins to you Knavecoin eWallet. Plus if you create a PokerKnave blog you can win a share of £400,000+ worth of Knavecoins in the ‘Best Blog of the Month’ and ‘Best Blog of the Year’ competition.