Good Year For Priebus Farage

Reince Prebus and Nigel Farage

Reince Prebus and Nigel Farage

2014 is turning into a great year for Reince Prebus and Nigel Farage! Nigel Farage has a great chance of being king maker next year if his UKIP organisation continue to capture the nation with its right wing populism. 

Reince Prebus’s Republican Party has had a wonderful 2014 winning control of two branches of the US government. They now can promote and pass legislation and get it either supported or vetoed by the President.

This raises the proverbial question, will we see Reince Prebus and Nigel Farage in the same room at any time soon?

Since it has been stated by many conspiracy researchers that we are controlled by the Illuminate who are shape shifting lizards, why don’t they see that both these men look alike? Not only that but they also have strange sounding name which while suggesting that they are from immigrant background, they argue for extremely strong immigration control. This is clearly some sort of diversion tactics by the Illuminate.

The fact that neither has been in the same country at the same time and with the time difference it is a nailed on certainty that by using the laws of relativity they can be in the two different places without appearing to have been on a long distance travel, thereby risking discovery by claiming extensive travel expenses.

My prediction is that they will both continue to be in the shadows drawing up plans to take over the world, with Nigel Farage destroying the European Union then rebuilding another organisation with strong US influence. At the same time his alter ego Reince Prebus will construct a Ay Rand paradise and make the first construction of a rocket and space vehicle to take the 1% of the 1% away from Earth to a new habitat probably Mars, as they finish of total exploitation of Earth resources. 

If you think I am talking rubbish, the next time either of them are talking do a search online to see if the other is anywhere to be seen…!