Kim Kardashian, November Nine Recap (NSFW)

Photo Shopped Picture of Kim Kardashian

Photo Shopped Picture of Kim Kardashian

We like to post naked or embarrassing pictures of people who deem to play with us by having a malfunctioning wardrobe or pre-arranged photo shoot with the paparazzi. Yep, we are suckers for the hype, like most other pampered decadent Western citizen. Growing up like over indulged babies, being spoon fed so much bullshit it is coming out of our ears.

While ISIS continue hunting down and killing Yazidis, Boko Haram blowing up school children, the bankers still getting away with fixing LIBOR, the European Union deciding to let boat people drown in the Mediterranean, medicine and equipment that could stop the ebola out break being held back because it is not financially prudent to save peoples lives, and, the extra-ordinary story of landing a space craft on a comet, we get to ‘break’ the Internet by looking at Kim Kardashian breast and bum!

This is what we want. Why challenge corrupted power and religious intolerance when we can marvel at the beauty of Paper Mag promotional coup? Paper Mag is a magazine I have never heard off, so, they have managed to get at least one person intrigued into what a magazine called Paper Mag could be offering as it is not entirely clear from the title. Clearly it cannot be just be Kim Kardashian’s bottom or could it? To tell you the truth I will not be going out of my way to investigate.

Which lead us onto the other breaking news. The best poker player in the World at the moment is Martin Jacobson! Yes we need to name the greatest poker player for 2014 as we have to have a way of defining the top dog. Just like in football the team that wins the World Cup is seen as the best team in the World. Some will say that prize money is important and they would be right, however, poker is a genuine sport and like genuine sport sometimes the glory means more than the money.

So like every other sport the younger you are the better you are and this applies to poker like it does to chess, darts, pool and snooker. By the way we have 10 names in our November Nine just so we can have a person over 35 in the roll call.

Martin Jacobson (27) $10,000,000

Felix Stephensen (24) $5,147,911

Jorryt van Hoof (31) $3,807,753

William Tonking (27) $2,849,763

Billy Pappaconstantinou (30) $2,143,794

Andoni Larrabe (22) $1,622,471

Dan Sindelar (30) $1,235,862

Bruno Politano (32) $947,077

Mark Newhouse (29) $730,725

Luis Velador (50) $565,193