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Knavecoins For Free

It has just dawned on me that PoolKnave PMP is very UK centric! Yes we do have things such as basketball, baseball and of course altcoins but in the end most of the markets relate to what we do in the UK. Therefore we have come to a decision. We will give 1,000 KNC to every new idea for a market that we do. So if you think the general public world wide would like to have a event on some situation in Outer Mongolia and it gets accepted then we will send you 1,000 KNC for free.

Now 1,000 KNC is equivalent to £1,000 as it is tagged to UK Stirling. The coins can then be traded just like Bitcoins. The most popular method at the moment is in the Northern Soul scene where they are a great way for record traders to trade without having a lot of paper money on themselves. How often does someone give you roughly $1,600+? So what are you waiting for get on the bandwagon NOW!

There are a few things you will need to do:

You have to get your own wallet and this can be done by downloading a version from sadly this is a Windows based wallet only.

Secondly, join up to the PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel Predictor or Poolknave PMP You will get £200 worth of Knavecoins in the form of PoolKnave tokens or PK. This has been done for security reasons.  You can extra 50% bonus coins by posting your address on Bitcoin Garden Forum

You can get extra coins by entering the Blog of the Month, Blog of the Year competition and you can get a share of 400,000+ Knavecoins, plus residual income for the length of time your blog exist. You cannot beat money for free as this is always good. So join up now and become part of the financial revolution by following the three steps to the brave new world.

The Revolution By Knavecoin

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