The Ferguson Grief

Police In Ferguson

Police In Ferguson

The USA is falling apart! When a sizable section of  country is seen as expendable and worthless then it is not unreasonable that the same people will feel that they have nothing to lose. Clearly there are enough people who feel that it is acceptable for the security services to abuse and kill unarmed black men. 

Rodney King was beaten to within a inch of his life by the police and the jury said that was fair and proper. Trayvon Martin was killed by a vigilante because he was young, black and carrying sweets, and, the jury saw this also acceptable. Finally a copper felt justified in shooting and killing a young man while his hands were in the air indicating surrender, and, again this is OK.

Why does America feel that it can abuse their own citizens this way? The CIA pushed heroin into the community in order to destroy the community so that community didn’t demand equality. Then the CIA pushed crack into the community and used the money to support right wing death squads in Central America. Now it is open season on black kids who wear hoodies and low slung trousers.

The greatest experiment of the concept called democracy is about to implode and those who can do something about are letting it happen because they like the idea of an underclass and a identifiable bogeyman that can be used to blame for anything from welfare queens to unacceptable fashion and music.

The reason why President Obama got into power was that the ruling class had lost all legitimacy and needed a special welfare cushion called quantitative easing and TARP so that they didn’t go bankrupt. Now they want to blame a section of society for this therefore diverting the attention to the real beneficiaries who are the rich one percent. When Mitt Romney said his job was not to worry about the 47% of the population, he meant it! the other 52% only needed racially tinged policies to get them on board because they would do anything that signaled anti-black, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-other.

This madness has even reached the top of the government with senior political commentators and opinion formers claiming the President was Muslim, communist, fascist, Kenyan, immigrant, gay anything that made him ‘The Other’. Even after six years in office Obama is seen as a usurper because he won two elections fair and square which had people voting for him who were not seen as the right people who should vote ie they voted for the wrong guy. 

Ferguson is the line which dramatically give you a stark choice. Are you with the people who want a democratic and fair society or are you with the hypocrites who want things to remain as they always was?