Black Friday Sucks

Asda Black Friday

 Asda Black Friday

Black Friday, like chewing gum, country and western music, pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast, and herpes started in the US and went on to dominate time and space for a while until there demise helped the world become a much better place. 

The reason why I place Black Friday alongside herpes is that it is a reminder that not everything which seem like fun is going to end well. With herpes it usually came from a sexy night of fun with consequences. Likewise going for a bargain just before Christmas should mean that you are saving money until you realise that you are being hustled to try a snap 1 of 6 television that have been heavily discounted so as to drag people in to spend money on products that have not been heavily discounted. Yes ladies and gentlemen Black Friday is a con!

It is great for retailers as they will get publicity from the media and viral publicity from their customers. therefore spending (or cutting) a few hundred pounds generates £1,000’s upon £1,000’s of promotion. People trying to kill each other over a ‘bargain’ looks great in pictures and after the initial set up, leads a life of its own.

So lets chuck Black Friday alongside trick or treat and other rubbish US ideas in the bin of cultural waste of time.