Gordon Brown Retires From Politics…Not!

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

The man that drew up the plan to stop a worldwide global depression caused by the bankers doing stupid ideas while high on coke, and, saved the United Kingdom from David Cameron balls up over the referendum for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom is about to call it a day as an MP.

Clearly sorting out the waste collection days for the constituents and designing a plan to limited the amount of dog poo in the local park, is not really his bag. He needs to be at the centre of some global issue to be alive and focused. 

His biggest failure was losing to David Cameron in the 2010 election. However, since Labour was always going toem  lose the election because of ‘Lehmans Day’ 2008, He did manage to deny the Conservatives outright victory which they should have won quite easily. 

How David Cameron never won a clear mandate is one of those political feat that leaves you open mouthed and in profit if you placed a bet like we did on the ‘no overall winner’ at 7/2. 

So when Gordon Brown left office he left as a failure and a man who lost to David Cameron. Gordon Brown then kept a very low profile until the vote for Scotland to leave the UK. 

When it became clear that the nationalist were going to over turn a 25 point margin and actually win the vote it was clear that David Cameron was toxic and he needed help or he would lose the referendum under his watch as the Conservative and Union leader. Gordon Brown manage to persuade to Scots to stay, only for David Cameron to push his luck and tie in the argument for a English parliament to greater autonomy for the Scots…bad move since it was about stopping the ‘Balkanisation’ of the UK!

Now the Scots will get independence when the Scots have another referendum.

So now that Gordon Brown is moving on I will lay any bet up to 10/1 that Gordon Brown will push his agenda for a more social integration and  global need for better universal health service, and, be in the wing to be wheeled out when needed to add gravitas to sort out some national political crisis. Gordon Brown is chilling until the next political battle as he is the consummate political animal who needs to be in the thick of it.