Republicans Nightmare

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton

It is hard being a republican! Since the debunking of the concept that royalty had blue blood and the dawning of  ‘The Age of Reasoning’, it was clear that republicanism is the way to go. However, as King Idris I of Libya  once said that in the future there will be 5 kings in the world – king of clubs, king of hearts, king of diamonds, king of spades and the king of England.

The more we see Prince William the more likely that the monarchy will stick on. After brave attempts by the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and sadly Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne have managed to keep the monarchy relevant.

Princess Diana came close to bringing it down with a close relationship with either a Pakistani heart doctor or an Egyptian playboy. Since having a baby with either of these Muslim men would have created problems for a section of the English establishment. This situation was resolved by an accident in Paris, and, who can forget the sad sight of the young Princess walking behind their mothers coffin which automatically caused a million people pledging to protect the princes’s and make sure they become heirs to their rightful place…again another bad situation for the republicans.

Now with the visit to New York the ultimate reality program goes into overdrive. Giving President Obama a great distraction from the ‘CIA Torture People’ report. It even had a picture in which a big scary black guy hugs demure Kate Middleton, the timing is perfect!

So with the faux image of a happy couple sprinkling celebrity dust onto a nation they can return back to England to declare ‘job done’. The future of the monarchy is safe for another 40 years at least.