Real Quantitative Easing For Europe

The European Flag

The European Flag

The European Central Bank (ECB) is about to give money to the super rich and the future generation of the working population who are not in the super rich bracket will pay for it!

The ECB hope to kick start the European economy and get investment oiling the wheels of industry by doing a big charity event called Quantitative Easing. However, everywhere Quantitative Easing has been used, only the super rich gain and everyone else end up with very low increase in wages. In some case it has ended up with wages decreasing in value when new employment practices are pushed through such as zero hour contracts.

Well, as you probably know I have a different method and it is simple and more equal. 

All the ECB should do is give every man woman and child  €1,346 and let natural forces or even natural selection to take place. Some will spend it on wine, some will put it on Barca to score 3 goals or more. Some will even put it in a bank and some will pay off bills. Whatever the people decide it will good and everyone will gain.

The argument against my idea is that the money is not targeted and I agree. By giving it only to the super rich, by buying up their toxic asset, only the super rich will gain and since ‘Trickle Down’ economics has been discredited the money has been wasted and the establishment has done the worst thing it can do – according to right wing thinkers – and that is picking winners and losers in business. By dividing the  €1 Trillion between every man, woman and child in the E.U it will benefit everyone and yes some will club together and use the money to finance business venture and some will blow it on prostitutes and crack.

However it is circulated people will feel better and more optimistic and when people are happy the economy is more bullish.