An Ode To Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Use the rhythm method, parents?
No right to criticise true talent
Children to pester parents.
Have a functioning relationship.

But the cockroaches wear hard hats.
Away from my troops say Vladimir Putin
Cliches and cheesy chats.
Senile, with it being the full tin

Has been used for anti-socialism.
Putin – The Megalomaniac Unbounds
Horse racing is crony capitalism.

Like Stan Collymore doing dogging.
With the average man on the street.
Bullying boss may now join band Isis!

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To use a vaccuum? Yeah right!
For tattoos of their kid’s names.
Birmingham City stated last night….
On reducing A and E waiting times.

To do with a man that likes lager.
Funnier than their current defence.
Played, “It’s Liam, he’s the singer.”
Never fired, dropped once.

I bought a ouija board…
No right to criticise true talent
League titles than Steven Gerrard.

Parliament against new porn rules
Putin – The Megalomaniac Unbounds
Extra night for their troubles….